More than Legal Risk Mitigation,


YDO offers a full suite of services that help people with disabilities fully experience and interact with your online brand.

We create a detailed road map to meet and maintain the ADA WCAG 2.0 AA Legal Accessibility Guidelines for websites, mobile, multi-media, PDF and applications. We offer initial evaluation, functional and digital testing, remediation and compliance certification specializing in WordPress, .NET and Magento.

ADA Compliance Solutions

Accessibility Evaluation and Remediation
Our All Access Web Road Map is a proven plan of action for quickly and efficiently getting your digital assets WCAG 2.0 AA compliant. We combine digital and disabled-user testing, live support and monitoring to develop a plan for digital accessibility into the future. We will uncover barriers to the disabled user, as per WCAG 2.0 AA criteria. This will be maintained through remediation and assisted by detailed reports with recommendations to ensure compliant web accessibility.
PDF and Multi-Media Accessibility Services
PDF and multi-media access is one of the most essential components of ADA compliance per WCAG 2.0 compliance requirements. Our team will assess and repair assistive devices used for accessibility services. These devices include screen readers, text-to-speech, and alternative devices for PDF and multi-media uses. We will provide closed captioning and audio descriptions for your online audio and video assets to meet ADA compliance.
Ongoing Monitoring and Support
We will regularly evaluate your digital assets to ensure proper compliance continues to be met. During this evaluation, we uncover potential future accessibility issues that may surface and track the progress of your compliance road map. This monitoring will allow ADA compliance to be maintained digitally and keep your website compliant at all times.
Conformance Statement Writing
Our team will develop a public information page for viewers that notates your commitment to ADA compliance and maintaining it. The goal of the conformance statement is to minimize risk and successfully communicate your policies and commitment to meeting accessibility standards and compliance guidelines.

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